Beef Jerky


We offer Hook-N-Ladder Jerky in four distinct flavors: Regular, which we simply call “beef jerky”. Teriyaki, which is jerky with that familiar oriental flair. Tennessee BBQ, a jerky with a hint of that southern tang we all love. Lastly, Sweet & Hot, the jerky that’s slightly sweet with just a little heat.

Hook N Ladder Jerky Beef Jerky Label

Hook-N-Ladder Jerky

Proudly Made in Northeast Ohio

U.S.D.A Choice Cuts of Beef

Family-Owned Cleveland-Area Business

America’s favorite low-carb snack — jerky

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Beef Smokies

Beef Sticks (Smokies)

We also offer Hook-N-Ladder Jerky- Beef Sticks, Smokies, in three mouth watering flavors: A balanced combination of peppers gives our Hot smokies a little kick. Next is our Regular, the special blend of familiar spices. Finally, my all time favorite, Honey, a beef stick with a sweet taste that I’m sure you’ll all love as much as I do.

Our Jerky & Beef Sticks are produced in a U.S.D.A. inspected facility in northeast Ohio that complies with all state and federal guidelines.